do not know whether there are many sellers have such idea, by changing one of the core elements of his own shop, it was immediately turned upwards, profits are constantly entering their alipay. Then really do make easy money, not every day because the store performance is not good, no direction and sad.

I have had this idea, and has been searching for, from the beginning of the internal construction of shops, to give greater efforts to the promotion, have been looking for, how can let consumers in their own shop to buy something to feel the loss.

there is a saying that the problem is the answer, from the beginning of this issue, I will continue to study, and finally, he summed up a few points for the transformation of the core. As long as we make these points to do the transformation of the core, the effect is very obvious, since he no longer sad.

which is specific core point? They are what effect? The relationship between the core point is what look like? Perhaps you have these core countless times heard, but let Li Leiting explain, will let you find everything fresh and new.

a product style

The importance of

product style, we should all know that a product is the first prerequisite for good selling style is like everyone, if no one likes, it can not sell. So, the product style here, need to pay attention to two points: 1, the product style is able to accept user favorite, 2, product styles have a certain market capacity, which is the market needs to be big, if too small, your sales are not large, the market is large, so that you have more opportunities to sell.

How to choose the

product is a more technical content, the general is through market research, can use the data cube, e, there are specific to search keywords see peer selling baby. Found that sales of good baby attributes, style and so on. And then according to the style of the property to find the selected paragraph, do the details of the page to use the car to promote, click on the click rate, collection, find a few good baby, and then go to the main push.

two sales

How important is the sale of

, look at the QQ group on the Taobao QQ chat topic will know, brush a single 5 yuan, brush a single $10, QQ space to talk about, brush a single send a country coins, gifts and so on.

why so much attention to sales it is mainly the difference in the conversion of different sales volume is different, and the high sales of baby with the low sales of baby, the conversion rate will be much higher.

specific sales mode, there are three, 1, 2, brush sales, sell at a low price, 3, with their own or others to promote high gas.

third is a lot of people do not have, so more are the first two. For brush sales, the future may be more stringent checks, the recent brush became a hot spot

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