strong economic growth in the network era, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to network marketing opportunities that exist, especially a lot of capital and technology strength did not approach the big enterprise of small and medium-sized enterprises, have to reach out to the field of network marketing, to explore more potential customers with less cost here. Unfortunately, at present, many small business owners do not quite understand the network promotion, and some even think that spend thousands or even ten thousand dollars to build a corporate website is doing network marketing. Such conditions resulting in tens of thousands beyond count, the enterprise website or flooded every year, the normal operation of the most also did not give full play to the role of the website.

so the network promotion in the end is how one thing? How can we use the appropriate network promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises in order to achieve the purpose of marketing?

                network promotion is a systematic project. Construction of enterprise website is only a basis for network promotion or prerequisite. Of course, it is not to say that there must be a website to promote the network, some companies do not have the site can be promoted through other platforms, such as industry portal. The so-called system engineering is through a variety of means to allow potential customers to see product information, and then get the potential customer’s consulting telephone, fax, e-mail or directly to the purpose of online sales.

                small and medium enterprises in the current network promotion is expected to have more potential customers, in order to increase corporate income for the ultimate goal. Generally for the evaluation of the effect is mainly manifested in four aspects:

1, such as site visits increased by

2, online user registration increased by

3, promote offline sales growth of

4, direct sales

                according to the needs, currently there are several promotion mode in the market above the main, in the comparative advantage characteristics, for small and medium-sized enterprise for reference (

                1, GOOGLE ADWORDS: Google keyword on the right side of the PPC has a relatively strong targeted, and is pressing >

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