compared to last year’s electricity supplier capital boom, in 2016, many people in the industry known as the capital of the winter, in 2015 the 35 Unicorn companies, have slowed the pace of financing this year. This also let yesterday announced in the "new babe network business, new pattern, new forces" babe Network Strategy Conference to complete the huge D round of financing, and announced its low-key in September 15 has completed the C+ round of news is particularly remarkable. It is reported that the investment for the new horizon, the northern lights, today the capital and Gao Rong capital and other well-known venture capital institutions, by the Thai capital acted as financial advisor.

for the babe network financing action, can be expected. From the development situation, babe network since the last C round of financing has developed rapidly and expand the business model, business data is really amazing, has laid the status of the industry. At the beginning of June, the well-known data firm QuestMobile released in 2016 1-5 month mobile data report, the data not only babe network in maternal electricity supplier in the field of electricity supplier from the perspective of the whole industry way ahead, contrast, is quite competitive in the "mother who in the world" momentum.

user needs as the guide, occupy the mother mind

QuestMobile data show that the new moon live babe network data up to 11 million 220 thousand months to live, China into electricity supplier of ten million class club, previously only Jingdong,, Taobao, and reach this height.

the number of active users and users are inseparable, but also closely related to the product itself. It is reported that the babe network has more than 50 million users, of which 85% were women, the young mother at the age of 25-35 is the main user groups, "professional trustworthy" has become synonymous with babe network values and services. The path of development throughout the babe network, started from the non-standard products to expand the standard, and involved in cross-border business and quickly jump up to the cross-border electricity supplier in the first camp, and then expand the import category, this year has opened up fresh, family travel and other business development is quick, but every step is very stable, with babe network founder and CEO Zhang Lianglun own words, business direction is Audrey, oriented to user demands.

mother’s needs have been met, naturally willing to stay.


emphasizes quality, user stickiness continues to increase

as a primary standard of maternal electricity supplier, consumers are willing to pay is the product quality, followed by the price and other factors, this point has been very clear understanding of babe network. It is reported that babe network professional team quality control of product quality inspection. In May this year, babe network also comprehensive and quality inspection departments signed a memorandum of cooperation, the joint crackdown. In addition, the formula is directly related to the health of the baby category, babe network in March this year to achieve full self, getting goods directly from the brands to ensure supply reliability. Insist on the quality of the product, became the mother group and the babe Network > adhesive

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