website promotion is not blind, and not according to what you can, but also must extrapolate, we must continue thinking and summing up on the data analysis in summary and progress, only through their own data analysis in order to know exactly what you need to do, how to do. In the process of promoting the site, especially professional website promotion and maintenance personnel must also pay attention to the capital

in front of liushuizhang blog said in an article "novice website promotion points" may be useful to everyone, pay attention to the details of website promotion, also must pay attention to the accumulation of resources.

resources include:

1, the accumulation of interpersonal relationships


website promotion is your extension, but if you have a good interpersonal relationship that will provide you with a lot of convenience, of course, you also need to provide some convenience to others, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit. There are many ways to accumulate interpersonal relationships, usually on the network more exchanges of similar work personnel, mutual exchange. In the promotion process but also the accumulation of interpersonal relationships, intentions to communicate with others, of course, the QQ platform and the blog platform is a good platform to the accumulation of interpersonal relationship, we can use air on QQ and friends to chat with each other inside the QQ group, blog comments, visit each other, as long as your heart is full of fine, the accumulation of human relations the platform, such as Guan Peng (old K), Guo Jijun (GJJ), Lu Songsong and Mou Changqing and so on, the accumulation of interpersonal relationship is very large.

focus on the promotion of the process of friendship connection personnel also need to accumulate, such as the use of QQ, you can use a special QQ to add friendship connection or promotion staff. Or do a separate registration form to record.

2, the accumulation of promotion methods

a variety of ways to promote, the same way to use a different way to promote the effect is also different, so we must continue to get new promotion methods, and constantly accumulate promotion. Of course, you need to set up a dedicated word for recording, easy access.

3, the accumulation of promotion platform

is in the promotion of forum or blog promotion? Or QQ group promotion? There are many platforms, different people use different degrees, you can set up a special classification folder, placing a recording of different promotion platform. Such as "chain extension + Forum" commonly used the name of the forum, forum, forum address PR, popular forum, the degree of attention, webmaster contact and so on record, you can use Excel spreadsheets to table records, and spreadsheets can also be used as screening, statistical function, convenient after finishing.

attention to detail is needed.

such as Mou Changqing, if he does not pay attention to the accumulation of resources, so where he has so many resources in the blog to share (the so-called dry cargo sharing)? If he accumulated data You’ll see.


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