Internet subversion of the traditional business model and thinking, almost all areas of intergenerational renewal phenomenon. For many years, have you been plagued by the following problems?

brand image is poor, the lack of core competitiveness of products, low customer loyalty, market development difficulties, etc..

if you are the boss of a skin care product, to do marketing promotion for new products, which way do you choose?

A. every day to members (including new and old customers) to send text messages and e-mail, prompting new listing.

B. spared no expense to invite celebrities to shoot commercials, show new highlights.

C. push new information through the WeChat public number, issue membership cards and coupons

D. staff through publicity, publicity leaflets

E. above

These are the

we have been in use in the way of marketing, the effect is often unsatisfactory.

SMS and email notifications, users ignore or pull black. Advertising, the cost is too high, the effect is difficult to remember. Leaflets, a glance at the trash can.

there is no low input, high effect of the practice?.

people will pass through the media about using skin care products full of confidence in love, career as a story; they will take care of a micro film, even live; people will be held on-site evaluation activities in the mall and so on.

too many problems, not taking into account the method, in fact, is the best way to solve.

micro cloud three tell you the answer, the use of micro system, the viral spread through social sharing, rapid coverage of the target population, and combined with the active sharing incentives for users, accelerate the dissemination of publicity and promotion of products.

through the live way to achieve the realization of resources, is a new content production. Users can also get massive quality information anytime, anywhere.

companies need to have their own live, to establish their own battlefield, precipitation users, improve the conversion rate of users.

the second is to reduce the cost of publicity, and through the micro system can join, rapid investment, open markets at home and abroad also have their own big data, and improve market penetration.

fact proves again, interactive live broadcast, real-time, interactivity, authenticity. Let the enterprise and the user, the link between the user and the product is more compact. Is the best channel to connect the three parties, but also the most important marketing platform. The formation of the fans and the additional value of the spread of the brand, is a win-win marketing artifact.

more operation in the coup.

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