from the 08 years since the pornographic, network hot "door" events emerge in an endless stream and once the exposure of the network, many users search, will immediately become the object of pursuit, everywhere for seed, for video post. Came into being, to various "gate" as the theme of the site such as bamboo shoots after the rain appeared, but few sites provide direct download links, because the spread of this is illegal, after all, no need to point traffic and violate the law. Today, I mainly talk about how to get the transient flow through the hot "door" incident.

pornographic, I built a web site, concerned about the network’s most popular event, not only is the "door" incident, as well as network reds, network new words (such as "embarrassed"), the popular language of network, the site is still in, but is otherwise the main.

should pay attention to the most popular event, the most direct way is to always pay attention to the Google hot list, here are the most popular new words, Google hot list is not generally high update frequency, timing, 3-4 times a day, and have to mention is the Baidu rankings, this is I discarded, because the update the frequency of the slow, a day, could not grasp the latest popular events.

is also a subscription, subscription websites often provide this kind of information, a message immediately updates on its website, the need to pay attention to is to false original processing, to be included. You need to have a moment and then discuss the QQ group, the new focus is often from the group, or micro-blog spread. Once the search engine included, and your information is relatively new, the competition is small, more and more people search, the joy to flow.

some time ago Yan Fengjiao gave me a network ( has brought a lot of traffic, two articles up more than 60 thousand views. Remember that it was a night to update the article, was getting ready for bed, habitually looked under the Google hot list, find the words of Yan Fengjiao, he wrote original article, put a few photos, the second day wake up, query CNZZ, noon flow reached more than 5 thousand, up by, basically Yan Fengjiao, but there are several popular words are firmly in the first Google.

if you can not be included, it is necessary to find ways to make the search engine to find you, to update the high frequency of the station to leave a link, so that the spider has the opportunity to climb your site. Of course, there is no need to rely on search engines to flow, hot events who love, you can just leave a link in places such as Baidu post high popularity, as long as it is not deleted, traffic is also very impressive.

is not recommended to do a special event site, so it is easy to be harmonious, can only be used as incidental things to look at me, now a net only to funny elements, popular events as a supplement, to bring about the website ranking and flow.

finally sternly warned you, do not do, in order to flow to the website in contravention of the law.

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