recently on the Internet rumors of a thing, a network marketing godfather is blasting suspected MLM hundreds of millions. The news analysis of the entire operation of the process is pyramid marketing system, the difference is the use of fees marketing courses. Course fees are high, but the students can really get results are small, money is not the real thing.

this is a very common phenomenon in China, set the master aura, the establishment of a number of curriculum system, immediately began to promote sales. A lot of friends to learn marketing, often spend a lot of money to participate in marketing courses, to buy a lot of books, video discs, repeated watching and learning, and even the classic theory of copying, reciting. Prepared for college entrance examination in the same year, but even so hard, or 90% of the people can not learn the marketing ground, can not be applied to the actual.

we can not figure out what is going on in the study of the marketing system is a problem, the knowledge learned useless. The movie "see you around" is very philosophical, understand a lot of truth, still too bad in this life. Marketing is the case, know a lot of marketing knowledge, still learn not marketing.

we all know that the marketing sector has two universities, one is a wide range of brand marketing theory, and the other is to focus on actual direct marketing. How the teaching of marketing in the global ranking of the university? Even though a lot of theories, but pays more attention to the actual operation, simulation teaching will be commercial activities, so that university students can finish school before signing the world’s top 500 enterprises marketing director positions. And direct marketing, is more of a teacher led student project directly surgeon in the market, the students can leave the teacher dudangyimian. It is clear that the real marketing is not learning, only through personal experience to understand to master.

has a saying to do a very good interpretation, "example is better than precept, teach better environment". However, many people do not understand, too much attention to the outside, like what teachers, books, courses, etc., resulting in the inner emptiness, but increasingly confused. "Colors blind; pentameter deafness; five taste make people cool; gallop heart mad; hunting, chasing a rare goods," is the truth. The surface to a lot of things, the head is like a mess, sorting it out, not to mention to practical use. This study marketing, 35 years time there is no big achievement, because did not learn the essence of marketing. Over time there will be a master of the new curriculum, as long as there is no essence, students will continue to be confused, not to mention the results. This is the crime of marketing training. In fact, not only in the field of marketing, there are too many Chinese people can not find themselves, lost in the dark.

China is a good reason why the emergence of such a fire, because the singer insisted very painful, it is difficult to find other people recognized. Although a good voice in the story behind the story, but let the audience feel like to see their own, and soon aroused resonance, so good sound suddenly become the highest ratings program. Then follow the teacher, like the brightest star in the sky

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