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able to foresee, "industry analyst Li Guoqing predicted more fulfilling, only involves Dangdang performance, basic work

Not many people love

Li Guoqing, is that his irresolute and hesitant delay dangdang.com, including his quarrel with women, and a big mouth, two hundred and fifty; people who love Li Guoqing there, that he knew, easily contented, true temperament, two lovely, but is not suitable for electricity supplier in this brutal competition in the industry when a, industry analyst and columnist, variety large coffee is very appropriate, there is material, fierce enough.

in recent years Dangdang rarely become the focus of the industry, the development of its own advantages of the project space is limited, and the expansion of the surrounding business are constantly facing the surrounding powers. They often hear Li Guoqing pointing to the pattern of electricity providers, analysis of closely reasoned and well argued. As long as it does not involve Dangdang performance, often quite accurate, once and Dangdang have a relationship, it is inevitable embarrassment, once the position of the problem, the prophecy is not allowed.


Li Guoqing predicted that a large part of his good friend, Liu Qiangdong.

on November 2012, when the Jingdong listed, Li Guoqing Jingdong in 2013 in the U.S. market is not reliable: the capital market short-term will not heat up, Jingdong so big losses, listed in the United States may? "And, in 2013, the Jingdong is not listed, but no loss" so big "(actually the first three quarters of 2013, the first Jingdong a profit of 60 million yuan, the fourth quarter loss of 109 million, the annual loss of 49 million yuan in 2012, the annual losses of 1 billion 700 million).

December 2013, Li Guoqing advised Jingdong 14 Q1 must be listed in the United States, he said in micro-blog, is currently recognized as the U.S. capital market overheating, is a good time to finance. Liu said, "13 years of earnings, but not for 14 years, the listing" I’ll give a sentence: 14 years Q1 must be listed in the United States, supplementary capital shortage and increase the transparency of audit of American Accounting standards." Sure enough, in May 22, 2014 the United States NASDAQ listed Jingdong.

so far, Li Guoqing about the prophecy fulfilled all the listed Jingdong, but he guessed at the beginning of the story, but did not guess the ending, but got yourself into a acid.

May 26th, Li Guoqing made a micro-blog: Jingdong is not a high market value, because only 7% of the shares to the stock market, (usually 20-30%) and Tencent subscription of 5%. See also: listed Tencent into the capital before $more than 200 million + + mall + WeChat Tencent Jukui easy entrance, accounting for 14% shares of the Jingdong; Jingdong listed by Tencent listed before the high purchase 5% shares agreed to support the market for $1 billion 300 million. Before and after the cumulative total of $1 billion 500 million accounted for 18% of the shares of Jingdong. Equal to recognized Jingdong worth $8 billion 500 million." In short, Li Guoqing believes that the market value of Jingdong was recognized only $8 billion 500 million. But when Li Guoqing wrote this micro-blog, Jingdong

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