technology news (Ma Qiao) July 29th Beijing time news, according to the U.S. "New York Times" website article reported that although this week in several major Internet Co after the earnings release, the stock price has dropped sharply, but this is not the Internet bubble in 2000 to reproduce, because we are in a new era of the internet.

the following is the full text of the article:

analysts and investors have reduced the expected impact, is regarded as a number of technology companies in the new era of Internet pioneer shares are down sharply this week. This not only makes people immediately think of the Internet bubble in 2000 when the scene: the stock market funds, to stop the flow of Internet companies, but overall decline in Silicon Valley in the United States was full of accusations and legal proceedings is not harmonious sound.

technology stocks collective frustrated

this Friday, the social networking giant Facebook shares once again fell to its lowest level since the IPO market, after the company announced first quarter earnings after the listing, and reported profits cannot support high Facebook value. Listed in May 17th this year, Facebook’s market capitalization of $100 billion, and now its market value of only $65 billion, but also the possibility of continued decline.

‘s social gaming developer Zynga, which relies on the Facebook platform, fell even worse on Thursday, bringing the company’s current market value to less than 1/4 of its peak last winter. Is trying to streaming video industry transfer us video rental giant Netflix and America online group purchase company Groupon is under tremendous pressure in the stock market from the real video to the network, and lead to its market value also fell sharply.

however, the pursuit of social media companies dream is still far from being destroyed, the United States, New York Times reported on Friday reported that Apple has long been working with Twitter to discuss the issue of investment back. Social media industry is booming, Facebook’s 1 billion users worldwide and Twitter’s 500 million users is the best proof. Almost every Internet Co are trying to transfer to the mobile Internet world, but in this process to a large number of users into the use of handheld devices to bring the profit for the company’s consumer is not easy.

provides investment advice for institutional investors, independent consultant Nick Zacharias (Nick Zaharias) said that his clients are "the prospects for the development of social media companies have doubts grow with each passing day".

Zacharias explained: my customers will no longer invest in the future of the social media industry to increase investment. Future return on investment profits will be much lower than the previous level."

sales of products into a common problem

although each of the troubled Internet >

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