August 15th, Hebei Province, the information security risk assessment of senior seminar held in Zhangjiakou, the seminar organized by the Hebei Provincial Information Security Evaluation Center, the Provincial Department of network information security director Fan Weiguo, Provincial Department of human resources and social education director Dong Junhu attended the seminar and delivered a speech. Seminar by the information security evaluation center director Tao Weijiang presided over. The University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chinese National Research Center for information technology security, information security center, Hebei province Chinese Information Security Research Institute and other relevant responsible person and professional information security expert professor has in training class for network security risk assessment of the different aspects of lectures.


know Chong Yu security consultant for site security monitoring and cloud protection program interpretation

The organizers also invited by the Beijing

Information Technology Co., KnownSec security adviser in the seminar on site security monitoring and cloud protection scheme detailed interpretation of cloud security defense platform ", know Chong Yu, the latest R & D Chong Yu shield" aroused attention again.

Beijing KnownSec Information Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest proposed site secure cloud monitoring and cloud defense high-tech enterprise, is committed to providing customers with solutions for next generation Web security solutions based on cloud technology support, and help users deal with changing Internet Security threats. Through many years in the field of Web security study, has built up a "see, to stop, to the source of" three-in-one cloud security system, its products have been Chong Yu shield services in a number of government, enterprises and institutions to provide information security of the network is strong under the new environment.


know that the creation of a security consultant Yu Chong Yu shield

"Chong Yu shield" is KnownSec publicity week released the same day, a new cloud security products in the 2015 national network security, the product as a private cloud defense platform for government, large enterprises and other important sites, the mass customization and innovation. "Chong Yu shield" behind KnownSec for up to 10 years and against the massive hacker "hacking" big data as a support, combined with the domestic first-class KnownSec vulnerabilities mining, offensive and defensive ability as "performance guarantee, Chong Yu shield", can ensure that any risk government site can through the access platform to get the shield loksoo efficient protection ability.


know Chong Yu for many years has been to support the construction of national network security, and establish a set of perfect notification mechanism, to ensure that the network risk warning information feedback to the relevant departments of the state in a timely manner, and to assist the relevant departments of construction level of protection by the state’s related work, several departments and leadership.

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