· horizontal evaluation of mainstream website statistics system

Along with the increasing of

website, the importance of statistics system has emerged, this paper chooses the common owners or several site statistics system features, and test and analysis, the hope can give some reference to the webmaster



ten months on Internet bullshit events

the weather cold, an invigorating autumn climate, hiding in the house in this month, the Internet community groundless talk, inadvertently found that bullshit thing is really a lot of leisure, the heart to a small. The purpose is to discuss and comment on saving lives, remove the boring people, the essence of the Internet from the air, living order.

· Google speed up localization strategy page snapshot available

Wang Yingxiong in his blog "search engine investigation report and the pattern of the market forum" in the article mentioned: Dr. Li Kaifu on Google Chinese web snapshot that Google itself is a service, but in China because of various reasons, the service is not good, so now Google does not provide. Google is being solved, although the solution is quite complex.

· website trading with commercial potential " website trading " platform came into being

China Internet forecasting at the end of this year to become the world’s first broadband power network, users will surpass the United States, with about 10000000 annual growth rate of people, the number of sites is about 1 million 300 thousand, the site every day to thousands of speed growing out of network coverage, China is only three per cent, to explore the potential, personal webmaster has become one of the most important groups Chinese Internet construction, popularization of their efforts on the development of Internet has a great contribution to the formation of.

domestic network industry a pleased phenomenon

· YAHOO mailbox the same world, the same network

YAHOO mailbox caused an unlimited number of mailbox service providers to upgrade the war, and even the comments that YAHOO is in and NetEase PK, once again compete in the mailbox of the basic services market. NetEase was followed by expansion, other mail service providers have been fooled, and increased a lot of mail server.

· content is the root of video survival

at present, the domestic active hundreds of video sites. Chaos war, homogenization phenomenon is very serious. Video is a highly competitive industry. And e-commerce, portals and other sites, through a process to burn. However, the video site is the highest cost. Video site in a year there will be a reshuffle phenomenon in the future will not exceed 3, 4.

· Western Union will be bank transfer is the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum charge Google AdSense

ultimate goal


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