[core tip] statistics from the early easy to 1tong, cnzz and then to Google Analytics, Baidu statistics, friends of the league, etc.. How is the development process of statistical websites, and what route will they continue?

editor’s note: This article from the balderdash know almost columns caoz, formerly known as the "China Internet website statistics history".

IT senior author Cao Zheng, who engaged in the Internet for 14 years, the Xiamen 4399 games chief architect; has been involved in the creation of unified statistics, cnzz webmaster statistics, and has presided over the building of Baidu business analysis platform.

had a friend suggested that I write about the website statistics things, I always think of leisure recently, shirk The coming days would be long., or tidying up, give you a look at it when a story.

The first

Statistics website

said from the beginning of 1998, when the Internet still can not see the statistical system too good, only some of the so-called counter program, many of which are Perl, attached to the bottom of the website, display the current site visits.

this is divided into three kinds, one is the need to install your own server, using the CGI mode of execution; the other is to give you a JS online registration code, so that you are embedded in the page to display. In addition there is a, is on the server by running web server log to statistics, then give a report every day, third is also very early, in 97 years I read when working part-time for hosting company, you know there is such a thing, but that time of all Internet products feel silly, not seriously to analyze, just know that the boss is in use, as a service to clients, and not specific to the study of technology and demand.

is a embedded statistics of one of the biggest, which is above second, the United States, I do not remember the name, it is similar to the fastcounter, was acquired by Microsoft, Microsoft and then engage in a bCentral platform (like the name, business center "). With some basic services inside, provided to the site of use, I was very respected. But it didn’t happen later.

bright spots are easy to count the number of NetEase, I have always felt that before 2000 and 2000, the NetEase is absolutely China Internet the most creative and exploration spirit, in addition to the earliest known Chinese free post office, NetEase also made a free virtual domain name service (pop ads, Japan Click at least 10000 times, at that time, an impressive figure), virtual community (large forum, Chinese the earliest in my impression than the predecessor of sina four, the size of most of the layout looks a lot more comfortable) service, and the first free.

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