group purchase website competition of small sites are frequent failures

Chinese online group buying industry in more than a year from scratch, quickly spawned more than 5 thousand sites, the scale of the world’s first jump. However, due to the low threshold, high investment, light strength and difficult problems affecting regulation ", group purchase site after another closed, a chaos thousand group wars" sounded the alarm, experts expect the industry will accelerate the industry reshuffle next, before the rapid expansion from the whole is expected to return to the rational adjustment.

according to Xinhua News Agency


part of the network to buy volume foot

network group purchase industry although the money King tempting, but in the fierce competition in the homogenization, some small and medium-sized group purchase site because of deficits and difficult to continue, but to lead off, had to leave, and even some website Juankuan run away phenomenon.

recently, group purchase website group was exposed after the money of Euler "disappeared" message. Known as "fly" Shanghai netizen Chen told reporters, September 20th is held Euler Sinopec and PetroChina gas group purchase value of 500 yuan of card, fuel card only sold 458 yuan, she and colleagues of the unit group purchase 9 fuel card, spend 4122 yuan. The results of the second day the web page has been unable to open.

Before the

, the Euler group events in August this year, another domestic group purchase website 900 group also staged a similar scene: hundreds of users in the group purchase pay fee, but you can not login the website, it is estimated the loss of hundreds of thousands of yuan.

for the group purchase website collapse phenomenon, the consumer group purchase expert group 800 co-founder Hu Chen said that the group of 800 recent Beijing area of the group purchase site to do a new round of verification, found 116 group purchase site has been open, or no longer sales group purchase products. At the same time, 800 of Guangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Xi’an City, Changsha 8 a total of 185 local group purchase website made checks, which more than a month without updating the website up to 12%, and another 4% sites to revision, closed interior modulation for group purchase business.

"with the group purchase predators in the core city and the fierce competition of business competition, the excessive expansion and lower profit margins due to capital chain tension, resulting in some struggling small group purchase website had to make a decision" wrist "." Hu Chen said.

Chinese e-commerce research center analyst Lin Feng also believes that due to the low threshold and a large number of capital market in the early intervention group purchase to enter the state of excessive competition; and with the leading enterprise group purchase market expansion into the end and financing channels for cooling, then there are a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises closed down the group purchase.

industry: collective "losing money earned shouted"

hundreds of buy site closed down buy business, which also highlights the current country to a certain extent

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