A5 (www.admin5.com) station network news February 25th, seven day of the Spring Festival holiday has ended, today you are not already at work? These seven days is not to go out with friends and family gatherings, is tourism, is not devote to the holidays, is not missed a lot of information on the Internet A5? Stationmaster net compiles some important information about the occurrence of some during the seven day holiday in alphabetical order:


WeChat comprehensive ban micro dealer   circle of friends to sell the mask will be curbed

February 15th, WeChat released the public platform "on rectifying the illegal distribution mode behavior notice", refers to the WeChat team recently found that users use WeChat to carry out the development of chain in the public account offline distribution behavior, and profit or induce users attention, this model with the majority of fraud and other illegal properties.

began in March 1st   net name can no longer self willed

February 21st news, after the Spring Festival, China’s real estate, finance, industry and Commerce and other sectors of the new deal will be intensive implementation, help the healthy development of the economy, reform and further promote, to bring more positive to the public. Provisional Regulations on real estate registration will be formally implemented from March 1, 2015, real estate registration for more than seven years finally entered the actual operation phase.

drops and fast: we’re together!

quick taxi and taxi drops in February 14th jointly issued a statement announcing the two strategic mergers. The new company will implement the Co-CEO system, drops taxi CEO Cheng Wei and fast taxi CEO Lv Chuanwei will serve as joint CEO. The two companies remain unchanged on the personnel structure, business continues to develop in parallel, and will retain their own brand and business independence.

National Network letter office focused on investigating 65 illegal marriage website

February 17th, learned from the state Internet Information Office, "since the marriage site serious violations of dishonesty" special rectification work carried out, according to reports from the public, the national network information office organized forces, on the eve of the Spring Festival to focus on the verification disposal of a number of pornographic and vulgar information illegal dating sites, including love, sky network, city lover, lover one night, about guns about loving friends, accompany playing net, explain, happy palace, Lin happy night forum, a total of 65 net rose 22.

CCTV exposure Ctrip refund fee of 100%  in addition to the "two charges" outside the single entry

February 22nd, CCTV news channel news broadcast reported Ctrip Travel Packages charge 100% ticket refund fee. Ctrip sent a written response to other media wrote: travel package products are different from the usual purchase of individual ticket products, but a preferential package. Guests choose travel packages, to follow the product as a whole package and change the rules to unsubscribe, and change the rules to unsubscribe related products for the actual display."

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