2010, when the rise of an independent B2C platform, Chen Tenghua, vice president of Dangdang Dangdang, founder of the home textile B2C elegant 100. Since four years, Chen Tenghua experienced the gestation period of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial excitement, aspiring risk investment after the primary capital market, a sudden change in the situation after the hardship, the transition period of the company with a number of vertical B2C tolerance, from glory to dim, elegant 100 is that they can survive in a rare representative.

Tencent technology reporter Wang Kexin interviewed 100 elegant founder Chen Tenghua, discusses the depth of vertical B2C destiny and the way of transformation, and written "Chen Tenghua: elegant 100 days after the transition to entrepreneurship need breakthrough", sent on behalf of the reorganization on the basis of the original.

elegant 100 positioning inspiration

2009, Chen Tenghua and entrepreneurial partners began brewing venture, the key topic of discussion is how to locate.

is a vertical business platform or to do its own brand? When the former is the red child, the latter is represented by Eric


two is in a category of large and all, or for a certain class of target users do cross category business? Red child is pregnant baby products in class to do large, Muji mode is a specific target user group cross category, from Home Furnishing to stationery, from clothing to the necessities of life, but each one of the categories of the products are wide, to help consumers select.

before the formation of a clear brand image, if every category do a little, it is easy to cause each category are not fine, it is difficult to meet the real needs of customers with fewer varieties, the blurred image of the site, the user does not know what it is you did.

therefore, the need to carefully select the "admission strategy", starting from a point. The choice of the 100 home is the home textile. When the home textile category in the formation of the target population for the attractiveness of the brand image, trust, and then expand to other categories." Chen Tenghua so planning.

elegant 100 transformation process

September 2010, 100 elegant in the East Fourth Ring rented a 60 square meters of office, and rented a converted warehouse 200 square meters of underground garage, with about 2000000 yuan of its own funds to start running. Web site at the end of 2010 on-line, the first round of financing successfully launched, investors from IDG and DCM.

to achieve a cross platform for a group of users, the first round of funding is only the start-up funds, is not enough. According to the original plan, the first half of 2011, Chen Tenghua began to talk about the second round of financing. But the unexpected is that the capital market attitude of electronic commerce a sudden turn for the worse. At this point, the company has been unable to support the original funding platform strategy. Chen Tenghua realized that there was a big change.

at the beginning of 2012,