1 market point: the Internet is rewritten by the traditional industry

16The influence of Internet

characteristics of traditional industries has two: first, break the asymmetry character Bureau of information, do our best to clear all the information; the large data generated by the use of integration, making maximum use of resources.

Internet is not the most valuable in their own to produce a lot of new things, but the potential of the industry has been re mining, using the Internet to enhance the thinking of traditional industries. Then I from this angle to observe, press and publication fields (news, publishing, television, film, advertising, circulation (retail) manufacturing, wholesale, manufacturing, logistics, catering and hotel (hotel), catering and tourism areas), government regulation domain (communications, finance, insurance, education, medical care and education 16) changes in traditional industries under the influence of Internet has occurred, this paper is a summary of posts, will also do some prospects for the future development trend.

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2 Uber application to seek to raise the value of the car to raise the $nine valuation of over $1 billion

Beijing on July 2nd news, according to U.S. technology blog AllThingsD reported last week, Uber taxi applications are carrying out a new round of financing, this round of financing for the company’s valuation of more than $1 billion. It is worth noting that this time, Uber CEO Travis · (Travis) did not express strong protest against this news, this is because the financing rumors have become a fact of the Kalanick.

according to a source familiar with the situation to the American technology blog BusinessInsider Uber said on Wednesday a massive new financing round of preliminary talks, Karan Nick did not denied this, he said: "I am not whether we will or will not participate in any financing activities to comment."

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3.Bebo founder $1 million to buy back the site had $850 million to sell

NetEase technology news July 2nd, according to foreign media reports, social networking Bebo co-founder Michael · (Michael Birch) has bought the site has long been forgotten by people. He said he wasn’t sure he could reinvent Bebo, but he was going to try and have fun.

has a 8 year history of Bebo recently it again