2015, the concept of the Internet home was thrown, who has been fired too hot, the capital fall over each other into the market, while All flowers bloom together. contention of a hundred schools of thought. With the gradual improvement of the O2O market, more and more people choose to use the network to intervene in their own decoration.

O2O is known as the potential scale of 4 trillion yuan Jiezhuang market, still in attracting capital from various quarters reached.

last year, home improvement O2O Tuba rabbit, regulating the family network is raging like a storm, and love home space, e station, such as the Internet platform "new home, All flowers bloom together. to the surprise of consumers" but not much. Many Internet users have said that the home improvement industry will be the next outlet, this field will be born out of the new vertical giant.


into the second half of 2016, the home O2O competition will be further upgraded, but the surface calm Riptide, a little attention will be mercilessly thrown out of the track. However, the major platforms are still groping, improving, and we look at themselves:

a. Mode

non standardized home improvement O2O industry is different from other industries, a significant feature of the current Internet home market may be divided into the following models.

1 stop. Now, tuba rabbit is the largest home improvement O2O platform. From the design offer to find a decoration company, and then to the home building materials online shopping and free line third party supervision to provide one-stop home improvement services. Due to the improvement of supply chain and service chain, tuba rabbit was constructed to locate a one-stop service platform for home.

2 traditional. In order to adapt to the building materials industry Home Furnishing Qijia network localization and non standardized characteristics, the use of O2O to solve the traditional building materials exhibition Home Furnishing taking home appliance business problems, mainly to meet the line user demand for building materials, traditional stores operating ability.

3 managed. 531 decoration to the ultimate satisfaction of the owner of the "trusteeship", the main decoration in the face of the difficult points of pain. From "need decoration" to "customer service service" one-stop integrated service products, no time, no energy to solve the problems such as the supervision of decoration, with a set of mechanisms to ensure the quality of decoration, enhance the user experience, the best place is managed.



burn this problem seems to be a problem with all O2O platform will encounter. Regulating the family network CEO Deng Huajin said in an interview: "the home of O2O as a heavy industry chain, did not burn out what 2 billion. A company’s exploration of the industry will take at least three to five years, or else it will not survive." At the same time, Deng Huajin said, regulating the family network is experiencing the so-called "strategic loss".

However, in the "

Internet plus new business summit" on the Internet, home improvement industry leading brand founder Wang Guobin think: Tuba rabbit home O2>

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