[Shenzhen daily news] according to the China sound "center wide news" reported that the network group purchase problem, 24 ticket network due to wage arrears was exposed by the media, after Wo Wo Group, Gaopeng began a large-scale layoffs, Wo Wo Group beauty group, part of the local site was removed, handle for IPO wave of seventy percent off.

since September, more than 8% of the site has not been updated in the last 30 days, which indicates that in September there are at least more than 400 small and Medium Group buy site for various reasons for the revision or collapse. Many people in the industry believe that the future will eventually buy site 3 ~ 5. Buy site aware of their own crisis, from the beginning of July, one after another to stop advertising, in August to buy the site’s media advertising at around 60 million, and then low innovation.

group purchase website mostly at a loss, lashou hope through public financing, but by the environmental impact of the capital market downturn, but the goal was kicked out. Which has been listed on the NASDAQ group purchase originator Groupon, also in continuous decline.

          do not buy a lot of group buying site will die 1027 websites closed down this year

          winter is approaching: 24 group purchase coupons capital chain tight account period was forced to stretch

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