A5 (www.admin5.com) station network October 23rd news, recent news that E has only home wash and wash operation and maintenance business, only a few employees to maintain store business. In the e car App login page, write a "mobile Internet car service platform" of the country’s largest words, but this name may no longer belong to the car e.

e car launched in November 2014, mainly to provide Internet booking to the shop car wash, car wash door and automatic car wash services for users, and plans to expand the automobile market, to provide maintenance, maintenance, assessment of second-hand car insurance services. The parent company of calculus network science and technology limited company has won the BOLONI founder Cai Ming Home Furnishing et al 15 million yuan angel investment, early in January 2013 this year in March, the company announced the completion of the peace venture capital lead investor A round of financing of $20 million.

is such a former industry leader, in October 12th through the official website announced that it will suspend the operation of the car wash business, while the focus of business operations shift to enterprise level. In fact, in the field of car wash O2O, e car wash is not the size of the choice of contraction, or even directly from the field of withdrawal of the case. It is understood that, at present still remain active in the game player has only a single digit in car O2O market.

statistics, car wash O2O reached more than and 50 at the peak. This spring is their "vassal" the most hectic period, mostly through the "1 Penny car", "0 yuan car" price war to seize the market. With the gradual cooling, the industry has quietly changed. July, car 8 issued a notice, saying that due to business adjustments from the beginning of July 17th to stop the car wash business. This car wash in March, when the war was born when the hottest car wash platform, the survival period of only four months. In addition, 58 and ganji.com after the merger, the market was easy washing and washing was carried out with 58 investment. Car wash, car wash also cloud ticking in the second half of this year have stopped the operation of the project.

O2O after the car market and many other industries, entrepreneurs or operators to seize the user and then burn low misappropriating public or create profit pattern as its successful mode. So in the capital boost, some companies crazy subsidies to accelerate expansion. The results show: at present people from Online to Offline maintenance car consumption habits is not formed, and those subsidies to burn out the user is not really user, these subsidies under pseudo demand and pseudo user created no loyalty. Once the stop subsidies and throwing money enterprises into a dead situation.

so, some people evaluate the car wash O2O market looks very fire, but it was found in the pit". This is a very important line of experience in the field of operations. Prior to the collapse of the film start-up companies, on the surface, they have died in the capital strand breaks, but it is undeniable that O2O companies often need to go through a long period of cultivation before the market.

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