not long ago, on the micro-blog to see someone to discuss the independent game to find all the chips, which domestic website more reliable, I can not help but think of the most suitable for developers at home and abroad to raise the platform for a number of mining and summary. Think about it, from the initial "illegal fund-raising", hang back to the present popular market, the congregation raised such a guest out of a broad road gradually in china. This article is about to involve all the congregation raised public platform for science and technology projects to raise public.

1 Kickstarter

look at the world, the most famous and most popular platform to raise the largest public undoubtedly Kickstarter. Kickstarter is the earliest to raise public website, is the world’s science and technology enthusiasts and innovators of the Holy land". From 2009, Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler and Charles Adler co founded, to more than 3 million users to participate in the $480 million project to raise the public, users of the distribution of seven continents in 214 countries, Kickstarter has become the world’s most successful platform to raise the public, but also to dream in the name of creative congregation raised gradually become a major trend.


Kickstarter, a design, entertainment, art, games, science and technology, fashion, film making all kinds of entrepreneurial projects, in the field of mobile Internet application development, such as smart watches, virtual reality, 3D printing, and many other categories of open source hardware products are grown here to fame.

2 Indiegogo

talk about the United States second public platform to raise Indiegogo. Indiegogo was founded in January 2008, compared with Kickstarter for project selection and stringent service rules, Indiegogo is more open, the service object is very extensive, the types of customers is not restricted, no project, whether it is business or personal financing needs can cure illness, but also because of this, no dream, public spirit has become different from Indiegogo one of the features of Kickstarter.


for Indiegogo, regardless of whether the project has completed the financing target, party can give money to close up. Kickstarter will only charge the target has been completed to the specified date of donation. Industry definition for Kickstarter and Indiegogo is very clear, relatively closed, critical and only boutique Kickstarter is all the chips in the field of apple, and Indiegogo is all Google Android, who.

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