2015 is undoubtedly, Internet banking is a crucial year, the first is barbaric growth, then the introduction of relevant national policies and regulations, at the same time, the traditional Internet giant predators have occupied the other side of the Internet financial industry ushered in the closures.

although this road is not smooth, but in the macro economy, cold market competition fierce, Internet banking also showed unique vitality. From the file specification "on the guidance" to promote the healthy development of Internet financial concepts of Internet banking first released in China, and put forward a series of policies and measures to encourage innovation, steady development of the financial support of the Internet, recently "e rent treasure" investigation, Pan Asia Chairman suspected run away incident, Internet banking in general in the teeth of the storm however, near the end of the year, the US is to comb the Internet banking in the years of groundless talk.

a few happy tears of the P2P net loan

first, admittedly, with the help of the Internet to the East, especially the P2P net loan net loan model shows the potential of the can’t be held back according to media reports, the data show that this year, P2P net loan financial institutions has reached 3769, compared with last year doubled, has now developed into "entrepreneurship, venture capital, state-owned department, Department of" the four shares listed platform strength, such as listing Department China Ping Lu Jin, handing shares the micro credit network, Lenovo holdings, Jingdong financial pterosaur loan; Department of state owned have open Xin loans, Shaanxi golden Jiangsu agricultural control of gold open credit, Kunlun silver passenger network, the CITIC industrial fund the finance department has venture capital sacks; pleasant loans, peer-to-peer lending, pat loans, financial net points, favorable net, building blocks box; a venture Hongling venture, you loan me, PPmoney, Xin Hui, the Mavericks online, the more steady In 2015, also got a satisfactory result, is a "hi".

and the sad part is discontinued, closed, unable to run away, taking the "P2P" platform according to the Internet financial data center emerge in an endless stream, "zero one" statistics show that 11 months of 2015, a total of 963 new home platform, a daily average of nearly 3. Even the data show that as of the end of November 2015, P2P platform is expected to run away involving more than 200 billion yuan.

Although not a

cause of collapse, run away, but many suspected of illegal fund-raising, illegal illegal xichu. There are also some really is due to poor management and risk control is not in place, it will have to go bankrupt or closed, and some are due to excessive regulatory quit. With the introduction of the detailed rules for the implementation of the industry, P2P will continue to survival of the fittest, reshuffle, industry began to enter a period of growing pains, but also regulate the development of strategic opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, collapse and even run away will continue to increase, the healthy operation of the platform will also speed up the pace of tight encirclement.

the long-term result of this is that the net loan platform will move towards specialization and vertical, and even some shifts, such as consumer credit,

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