[Abstract] in 1 months after the publication of the results of the investigation, as chairman of the audit committee of Han Ying leave, will undoubtedly increase the performance of netqin netqin capital market.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on July 4th

in the closing of the U.S. stock trading day, netqin’s share price suffered another hit.

announced the chairman of the audit committee Qin Han Ying for personal reasons from the board of directors of the company, and announced the appointment of Yao Naxin and Justin Chen as a member of the board of directors of the company and the audit committee after Qin quickly diving, eventually closed at $4.58, down $2.18, down 32.25%.

experience again in April this year, the muddy water netqin accused of fraud, netqin’s share price has fallen sharply, down 82.4% over the past year the highest price.

in response to the doubts, Qin also make an attempt, such as to enhance shareholder participation in company management, Taek Kwon Toro Investment Partners managing partner appointed to the board of advisors, commitment once the time is ripe for one additional will be held by the shareholders of independent directors.

Qin also disclosed that the independent survey results released in June 2014 conducted by the independent special committee, netqin independent audit company PWC Zhongtian CPA notice to the company, the need for more investigation, to expand the scope of audit work in 2013.

but netqin’s efforts in almost overnight failure. In the case of the market value of only $235 million, netqin stock turnover reached 35 million 257 thousand and 200, much higher than the other stocks in the same period.

and the day before, the news came out of the market will be released netqin postponed the 2013 annual report. This news stimulation, netqin shares rose nearly 20%, turnover of more than 10 million, netqin final closing is still up by 6%.

, an American stock analysts pointed out that the two consecutive Skynet Qin stock prices spike behind, do not rule out some of the agencies have to know the audit committee chairman Qin Han Ying to leave a message in advance, good for early release of shipments.

leaving delicate moment: the straw that breaks netqin price

in yesterday’s statement, netqin stressed that the resignation of Han Ying is due to personal reasons, and she has nothing to do with the role of the company, as chairman of the audit committee, she also has no disagreement with the company. Netqin also appointed Messrs. Max Yao and Justin Chen to join the board and the audit committee, which Max Yao will serve as chairman of the audit committee.

Max Yao (Yao Naxin), Zhejiang, Cixi, graduated from the Peking University, biological engineering, and went to the United States at the University of biological engineering master Berkeley, and a master of Science in management at Stanford University School of business.

Yao Naxin is Haibang >

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