Beijing on June 14th news, according to foreign media reports, FixMyStreet is one of mySociety’s UK website, users can report on this website, viewing and discussing like graffiti, road potholes and illegal dumping of municipal problems such. Now it has launched a site dedicated to the use of government departments, called FixMyStreet for Councils.

Since its inception in 2007,

FixMyStreet has been operating independently, the original intention is to show that the Internet can provide help for municipal maintenance, and now it has become a public community called for the settlement of municipal issues.

FixMyStreet Councils FixMyStreet features to those who want to use the Internet to deal with similar problems of the municipal authorities of the for. The fees it charges to municipalities will be used to support mySociety’s non-profit activities.


FixMyStreet web page (Tencent technology plan)

Tom, director of

·, mySociety (Tom Steinberg), said: "one of mySociety’s mission is to work with the government to help them better digital. We make efforts in FixMyStreet, so that residents can conveniently report potholes on the FixMyStreet, or broken street such problems. We are pleased that the government has seen the benefits."

Bromley and Barnet government departments first adopted this service. Chris, assistant director of communications at ·, Barnet (Chris Palmer) said that technology like FixMyStreet is changing the relationship between government departments and residents:

before that, we have almost any problems reflected by the public as a complaint. In fact, this is a positive relationship: people in the street to see some of the damage, it will inform the government to solve it. This approach has changed the relationship between us and residents, residents actually become our eyes and ears."

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when you find the municipal facilities problems, to find the corresponding department will be difficult, after all, the municipal authorities have a lot of problems to deal with, and the FixMyStreet for Councils can provide a shortcut.

of course, it also has a mobile version for reporting problems. If residents find problems with the facility when they go out, they will take pictures, then describe the situation on the mobile device, and then report to the correct