bed before the moon light, suspected ground frost.

believe that this poem friends first feeling is, I have no culture, with the kindergarten kids will back the poem with culture, display slight skill before an expert, yes, this poem seems superficial, but it is not superficial, why


these 10 words, I think 100 people in 80% is the first poem back in life. In the past, perhaps your memory has gone with the wind, if you still have a glimmer of memory, you think of a child to learn this poem, don’t mind that the slightest sense of pride? I think that you must be pure in the elders, classmates, friends talking about a few times, you will show this poem, is not it? But you come back to think about those elders listen to you recite classical poetry is not encouraging you to praise you? Smart? You will boast of reciting poems?

did your elders know the poem at that time, did they laugh at you or encourage you? Did they despise you for the spread of the poem? The answer is yes: no.

when you are older, and you will ask, this poem on the lips? Of course not because you think there must be many poems in it, even if it is off, you will not back the two poem by.

said this, some people want to ask, you start and hang behind, the mood rippling in the end what is the relationship? Moonlight before the author Li not relatives and outdated or the fish? I posted the wrong place? In fact are not, patiently look down, no patience alt+f4.

is a cause behind the attack and believe that everyone has learned that due to certain AD blocked ID, then revenge behind, it is so simple. It should be divided into several points that bear with me.

a.AD is sealed, need to attack so serious?

answer: no need, I also often appear in the behind of person, often secretly AD, but has not been to delete a post, so I don’t want to fall behind chaos letters, anyway, even if the random letters, no need to attack so serious, the new year is approaching, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will bloom in the scene, why don’t you turn off behind the front page in a calm mood, disdain this platform? Is that a word? Ye do not stay here, stay somewhere, since the left behind is so unhappy, there is no need to use such means, I want Wang Youfa to complain, go online to slander behind a few words also, It’s only human. well, the gas must have a place to vent, but I think there is no need to attack behind? After all, many webmaster gathered behind every day, including me, my Adsense nets which 20%ip or through the backward signature to it, you attack, Large and small webmaster how to do?

two. Outdated due to the closure of ID AD reasonable?

answer: I think there are two sides, we have to learn to think, if you are a webmaster, your forum to >