northeast Internet Conference on the afternoon of October 13th successfully completed in Dalian. This session of the General Assembly on the "open innovation · · fusion" theme, in view of the current concern of the Internet community in different hot spots, common on mobile Internet, e-commerce, innovation and entrepreneurship and other topics were discussed. Each guest’s speech is not only a brilliant ideological confrontation, but also a new sharp point of view.

During the

meeting, the Dalian economic and Information Technology Commission, Dalian science and Technology Bureau and other departments and units of the leadership or the relevant person in charge to attend the guidance of the. Deputy director of the economic and Information Committee Li to see the congratulation speech to the Congress, and in the opening day of the meeting made a special trip to inspect the scene, carefully visited the conference exhibition. In this internet conference industry colleagues, experts and scholars, business representatives, media friends from different angles to the northeast of the Internet development trend, let the Internet traffic is more valuable, Internet enterprise CRM management, northeast of e-commerce, micro-blog marketing era, mobile Internet, cloud computing industry value and other Internet applications the extensive and in-depth discussion.

northeast Internet Conference, a total of more than 500 people arrived at the scene, nearly 20 guests made a keynote speech, more than 200 well-known Web site owners involved.

northeast this year, the Internet is the key word of innovation, open and integration". Compared to previous years, this conference shows the following highlights:

highlights: a strong lineup of guests, influential man together. Deputy director of the Dalian economic and Information Technology Commission to see Dalian, Li Jinzhou science and Technology Bureau Director Wang Baofu, Wei Bingfang, Qiu Yue, Dong Qinfeng, Guan Peng, Huang Zixiong, Wang Feng, Wang Yuanlong, Jiang Huan, Wang Sheng, Wang Sheng, Wang Haiyan, Qu long, Wang Enquan, Chen Xianhong and other hundreds of Internet industry elite attended the conference.

highlights two: China Internet Conference welcome grassroots Internet users, on-site participation in active Q & A. 2012 Internet Conference in the northeast, the scene Q & a active grassroots Internet users for e-commerce, mobile Internet and other hot topics related questions, the guests conducted a number of wonderful answer.

in 2012 in Northeast China Internet Conference closing ceremony, the Northeast Internet entrepreneurs union sponsors, Youpin times deputy general manager Qu long closing speech. He represented the Northeast Internet Alliance thanks to the extensive participation in the Internet industry, eager to help government departments thanks, thanks to the media fair publicity, but also special thanks to the concern and support of the majority of Internet users. He said that because of the joint efforts of everyone, this conference was a complete success.

2012 second northeast Internet Conference for the Internet industry to build a large scale, high specification, strong influence of the Northeast Internet professional exchange and cooperation platform. The general assembly in the context of the current macroeconomic environment to optimize the economic structure adjustment, promote the transformation of the mode of economic growth, and actively work together to explore the Internet industry