in October 10th "Adorable day" is approaching, B station (BiliBili barrage video network) a big move. Last night, this is known as the two dimensional culture of the video site officially launched a large member of the VIP membership system.


compared to the registration of B station members need to ask the code or through the answer and other difficulties, to become a big member of the way can be described as simple and rough: pay 25 yuan a month, or a one-time payment of $12 to $233. In addition to the WeChat, Alipay, the three China UnionPay online payment method, but also support the use of B exclusive B RMB payment.


recharge faith, you will get the following rights:

1080P titanium alloy picture quality

comment on the expression package

personal space autonomy header

paid an annual fee of the year’s big members, access to additional benefits:

monthly return of 5 B currency

ID red highlight


welfare package

surrounding mall discount


The launch of the

"membership" plan, whether the impact on the original membership system? Whether the ordinary members of the service will be affected? B said, BiliBili member services, does not affect the BiliBili barrage network of all existing free services and ensure the quality of service.


B station, chairman Chen Rui also explained in the micro-blog, "he promised to launch a large membership", "will not affect the B station all existing features and experience"; and in order to express gratitude, all users have to contract before October 9th he presented a large member of drama".


The launch of the

"member", can be seen as B station after around the mall, with new advertising, games, and a commercial experiment.

however, whether users buy it is unknown. Most users said that the money can be spent, but I hope it is "most willing to, members’ rights did not poke in the real pain points.

But after

, B station 9bishi said "members" but also for the development of more functional, B old drivers station might as well wait.

the pictures from the B station.