hunting cloud note: in the recent Chinese version of Forbes released in 2015 China 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 list, has founded the volume net, the first post of the first nine mailing list of. The young CEO entrepreneurial road started in the campus, from the creation of nine posts in 2012, he took only two years to achieve the B round of $35 million financing, annual sales of 2 billion 500 million yuan, the development speed is amazing. Behind this, he has what unique perspective and methods of content from the Tencent open platform WeChat public account.


| Huang Chengsong oral interview, Tencent open platform

speaking of business, we often think of is to change the world and realize the value of life and heroic utterance. And my initial entrepreneurial impulse, in fact, did not think so much – I have to rely on entrepreneurship to earn tuition, do not want money at home.

in 2007, I was enrolled by Huazhong University of Science and Technology. During the University, I mainly rely on writing procedures to earn tuition fees and living expenses, no longer have to spend a penny at home.

in August 2010, I opened his first venture, do was the fire electricity supplier shopping rebate website. We naively believe that this model of capital recovery is fast, it should be easy to succeed. But the real into the come in, it was found to be difficult than imagined, at that time the country has dozens of rebate website, homogeneity is very serious, or our students, there is no financial advantage and the corresponding resource support, it is difficult to talent shows itself.

this is probably the first time in Waterloo in my life, almost even eat money frittered away. The failure to give me the lesson is: college students entrepreneurship, there is no resources and experience, do not completely grab the tuyere". Although it may be easier to get up on the air, but the competition is more intense, you will fall badly. Until now, we are not really standing above the tuyere, but always stand on the edge of the tuyere.

is now more and more investors love to the school to see the project, because students start point of departure is more "I can change what the product is, what can provide for the user, this is right. Social entrepreneurship is a hug and around the tuyere, and is about to become the tuyere may be in the school.

grab a point of demand to continue to do, the gradual evolution of

with the first defeat of the lesson, I began to think about some of the not so tuyere direction. People often visit Taobao should know, special offers, discounts and other words is the most eye-catching to attract the user’s eye. At that time, I was thinking, why not build a 10 yuan commodity shopping guide platform to collect all of the explosion, the platform will naturally affect the stack. And this shopping guide model is only responsible for providing information, more lightweight, suitable for students entrepreneurship. April 2012, we launched the country’s first 9.9 yuan package spike website – nine mail (now has been renamed the volume of the skin of the bag of the mail)

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