yesterday, the day before from the Tencent acquisition Comsenz news, Comsenz vice president Li Mingshun denied, saying "the acquisition of Tencent is impossible".

it is understood, Comsenz (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. is a community platform and service provider, the most familiar with the industry product is Discuz, a website including Sina forum, use Comsenz Discuz. Recently there is news that the specific issues of Tencent acquisition Comsenz have been agreed by cash plus equity reached acquisition price of about tens of millions of dollars, mainly for the acquisition of holdings of Google and Kang Sheng shares, may be a new investment plan.

the capital operation mainly by the chairman of the Qihoo, angel investors to Zhou?. Although this rumor yesterday Comsenz denied, but the Tencent has not this acquisition statement.

insiders pointed out that Comsenz rival is Hangzhou Detian Mdt InfoTech Ltd (phpwind), Phpwind is a general program for the establishment of the forum, and Comsenz like Discuz, is used for the establishment of the grassroots webmaster tools. The Phpwind has been quietly acquired by Alibaba at the end of 2008.

for secretly competing with the Alibaba Tencent, acquired Comsenz help Tencent snatch more small website resources, more is an important strategic poise of Alibaba, therefore very wants to buy Comsenz Tencent.

news that Tencent tens of millions of dollars to buy Kang Sheng started the battle for

once again denied the acquisition of Tencent said Comsenz stop speculation of

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