July 28th, the banner announced the closure of the network, many users lamented the same time sigh: banner network closed, the horizon can be far?

in August 3rd, after the end of the two experience in the world has finally been allowed to accept the new three board listing. The news came out, the industry a sigh: Although the skyline was allowed to list, but it is covered with scars.

indeed, in the era of the impact, the present horizon is just like the last remaining veteran BBS with today’s social media war, behind him down dead, NetEase banner network forum, injured Xicihutong, mop.com, there are many unknown small local forum…… If the end of the world in the emerging media violent impact of the fall, it means that the war, BBS lost, lost completely. And in the emerging social media at the foot of shiguwucun.

a retrospect of the development of the BBS forum, it was with us for many years? In fact, the real from the strict sense of the Chinese community said, from the beginning of August 1995, Tsinghua University students in order to let the school have their own forum and the establishment of BBS. In August 8th, BBS officially opened the forum, called SMTH station".

remember that "Dalian Jinzhou" no tears? Yes, that is a football man with a football obsessed son went to Dalian to Jinzhou to watch the World Cup qualifier disappointed, then filled with righteous indignation to write an article, then posted when four (SRS on Sina the predecessor of Sports Forum). Then, on fire! Fire to what extent? This post is 97 years, up to now 20 years time, this article bring "Dalian Jinzhou without tears", I believe many people will be the reaction: Oh, I know this


maybe you will wonder why the small series will mention this 97 year post. Because this event is the symbol of the rise of China forum. In the "Dalian Jinzhou no tears" after the release, quickly spread throughout the world of football and the network. And after two weeks, the southern weekend. Although the "SMTH station" is the first Chinese Chinese Forum on real significance, but this event to let the public understand that great influence, network communication forum quickly and bring in the rapid spread of the impact.

from the beginning, BBS forum in a place where there is no one.

October 1997 1997, BBS established mop.com community NetEase established in 1998 officially opened operations, Xicihutong station, December 1998 BBS international online publishing, March 1999, May 1999 the birth of Tianya community forum was established in 1999 and 2000, the advent of community Sohu at the forum opening, 2001 My  Opera forum was established in May 2001 and founded Baidu in 2003, Huasheng online Post Bar established etc.. Local, software, fiction and so on the rapid rise of the BBS forum. Chinese forum is also officially written in

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