airlines are busy to make snap in "bloodbath" platform, ticket agents, organic wine booking online travel agency also suffer. In this "mess", has shunned, but there is also a "fear of death" while trying to counter attack.

in July 12th, has always been the main leisure tourism "brand" of online travel agency tuniu has very high profile held ticket and hotel business strategy conference, declaring to strike out the online ticket business hotel.


CEO in Dunde tuniu said, waiting for the business in the field of wine counter attack time machine has been waiting for 10 years. Tuniu in view, it is because of the "bloodbath" airline tickets on behalf of the Fuzion, only to destabilize the powerful rival tuniu Ctrip Department opportunity.

destabilize Ctrip, tuniu asked Jay Chou when CPO

in order to get their tickets, hotel business is a hit, the way cattle is considered under the original capital:

please Jay Chou specifically wrote the song "go" for the way cattle. This song was composed by Jay Chou himself, "gold partner" by Vincent Fang, and the first in the machine wine business strategy Conference on tuniu.

In addition to

custom single, tuniu also hired Jay Chou as CPO (chief experience officer), experience and responsible for designing and optimization of tourist routes, in addition to Europe, Thailand and other places took several commercials for tuniu.

although the way cattle did not disclose such a large array of brand promotion costs, but there is no doubt that it will spend a lot of money


shouting to buy this is also normal, but it seems in the industry, the way cattle spread quite a bit to the great in strength and impetus of "peer challenge" means.

however, there is an undeniable fact that Ctrip, where to go, eLong Ctrip Ctrip has already taken the lead in the online ticket and hotel business. Tuniu in airline ticket and hotel in that domain, compared to Ctrip department more than late tiny but adventitious quantity.

after Ctrip acquired elong, where to merge, in the China online ticket and hotel business share are ranked first, with such powerful competitors before, tuniu how much confidence they fight really hard to say.

at the same time, the way cattle choose inroads into the air ticket and hotel business opportunity also can not help worrying.

in the media interview strategy conference, including tuniu CEO in duright, tuniu management is frequently asked by reporters on July this year the airline ticket of the new generation of general practice problems.

The new

content seem complicated, but it is not reduced, the original Commission offer a variety of tickets on behalf of the cancellation, and new results will undoubtedly make the ticket agent single ticket sales decline in profits.

in fact, over the past one or two years, the airline has been busy trying to make snap to the platform, ticket sales > middle ring compression

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