never wanted to open the company when the boss, we just want to have a few students to play a director, it is best to have a little return, nothing more.

cannot deny that many things cannot do without luck. "In the memories of the entrepreneurial process, Ma Huateng did not start this technology or idea, but a joke about their own luck." never thought to open the company boss, some of my classmates and I just wanted to have a chance to play with the best director a little in return, this is the only

. "

1998, Ma Huateng and several classmates founded his own software company, when the company is small, the main business is to do software outsourcing for other companies. According to Ma Huateng recalls, was with him well Ding Lei is doing the mail system, after selling a lot of version, "I did the mail, but also to the paging Taiwan made interactive system, such as SMS email check what, instant communication is one of the


software system, the next step is to sell, "at that time I was not the only one doing this communication products, there is a bid to beat me, even in molding the products before written tender." the result is of course the bidding failed, "but now that I think is really lucky to get the project the company is no longer maintenance products, only our QQ smashed in the hand, will continue to do so."

even Ma Huateng himself did not expect that by 2000, casually walked into a cafe, chat QQ beat penguin has become popular, "I didn’t think so many people do not know the chat on the Internet and to know, a lot of people this hard to learn typing,

really crazy."


financing difficulties investors have dragged

to say suffering, I venture is the most painful period of time, I do not like such a delay, when the NASDAQ has been a crash.

products are used, the listing of the company from a great distance, in any case, in 2000 the Tencent or a small company, and its resident in Shenzhen, "Shenzhen is not Beijing returnees circle, the venture capital also do not understand, thanks to the fair help." Ma Huateng recalled, successful experience in foreign senior ICQ, PCCW and IDG investment Tencent, the two together, ventured to

. "But Ma Huateng

financing process is not smooth, as the Internet winter approaching, IDG investment after have been busy looking for a home for Ma Huateng’s company, "looking for Sohu, Sina, they didn’t look." Ma Huateng remembered, then at the Sohu of Koo and Feng Jue to look at the Tencent, 2001 spring, Ma Huateng himself went to see Sina Wang Zhidong and Wang Yan, but later no news.

the final approach of buyers are the media group MIH, and the most anxious make Ma Huateng a pioneering experience also began, "I would like to find more.

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