Alibaba began a new round of frenzied speculation, money, listing, financing, acquisition, this time the Alibaba is bustling, but the recent news "Alibaba B2B pre-market YAHOO shares 3% reentry: according to Hongkong media reports, Alibaba B2B yesterday launched to promote the IPO, preliminary the proposed sale of approximately 859 million shares to the market, the Alibaba held 40% shares of YAHOO group to subscribe for 2%-3% shares." Not yet listed, it has spread rumors of YAHOO’s acquisition of shares.

      with the rapid rise of Alibaba and listed in the emerging domestic online advertising platform: Mom, the polymerization for the fast expansion of network advertisement market itself, is crazy money.

a recommendation to give money, blue ocean waves

      "just recommend a website registered the Ali Mama, send 20 yuan referral fee" a policy, which was still boiling up personal webmaster circle, a time there has been a lot of online text and recommended links, and the number of sites to join the explosive growth.

      in the mother of Ali’s official forum recently released award recommended statistics, you can see in just 20 days time, nearly 2201 owners get the recommended bonus, bonus totaling $188260!

      as an advertising platform can through an event in 20 days scattered 180 thousand out, according to the current Internet market, can be described as generous. You know, general advertising does not deduct the amount is enough, but also to talk about money?

two. Before the sale of advertising, mother to pay

      has been criticized by the webmaster, is Ali mother in selling advertising before, always there is the Ali Mama promotional picture, which simply help Ali mother do propaganda, hindering Ali mother spread to small and medium-sized webmaster group, also makes a large web site will be the main reason Ali mother rejected.

      and this month, Ali began to adjust the strategy of the mother: as long as there is no advertising to sell, automatically converted into Ali’s mother click ads, and click on the cost is paid by Ali mother.

      in such a way, not only can the invisible propaganda itself, without any problems, and in the condition of little pay (pay per click) to attract more target customers, because only for Ali mother advertising model of interest will click.

three. Incarnation of the big buyers, crazy to buy advertising


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