Abstract: you do six months or a year, VC will come to you, you will find VC. The angel stage is generally two million yuan investment, A round stage generally five million to seven million yuan. No matter who first look for someone, be sure to tell a moving story.


in the current China, entrepreneurship is indeed the strongest voice. Every time I cast a project, they would like to "is a Facebook", the results tend to become "and not die". This is the process of looking for hope forever in despair, but also I do five or six years of painful lessons.

why the company will die, as long as the founder does not die, start-up companies will not die. Many book left a few dollars, it can be re energized. The beginning of the new century almost every day there are two or three things that will lead to the company closed down, in a sense, New Oriental also died six times, the collapse of the six.

entrepreneurship will always have a direct relationship with their ability, dreams and will. You keep chasing the sun, never reach the sun, but always the sun. Of course, we allow failure, and can share the story of investment failure.

good product bad marketing (Great product, bad marketing)

A is one of the first three companies I invested in. First class American Business Academy talent came to China to do, it is possible to overthrow the New Oriental a good project. They are based on the network, you can meet ten thousand people online learning, half an hour to close $15. It can be said that there is no lack of good products and good education team, but there has been no local marketing experts, there is no localization, good products are not sold out. So five years later, the scale is still so.

marketing is king. For example, the propaganda of a tonic "next door, naobaijin bought gold wine, why don’t you buy me?" you can say that this is a moral kidnapping, but undeniable lack of moral marketing is marketing, is still valid for Chinese.

good team bad atmosphere (Great team, bad Spirit)

is still one of my investment enough to overthrow the New Oriental company, the project is very good. But after the cast, the team out of the question: A find technology and market, and then find an investor, the investor found B and C, ABC together. Everyone wants to get rich, when you encounter difficulties when you blame me, I blame you.

the same thing happened in New Oriental, it will not be so. I once said to Yu Minhong: "you are not suitable for CEO, should go to Harvard School for half a year, let Hu Min concurrently." This is love him, want to let the old Yu can be great.

Called the core features of

New Oriental human resources: classmates, colleagues, fellow (3T). Yu Minhong and Wang Qiang are classmates, and I’m a colleague from

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