A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) 13 news: Recently, Baidu launched a new service, a site scoring platform Baidu reputation on the line, and enable the domain name koubei.baidu.com.

said Baidu’s reputation, I have to mention 360 website search engine in August this year on the line in the search results are divided into three types: red yellow and green tomato, three colors represent the three kinds of users give website evaluation results. Based on this score, we can find a better search results more quickly. Baidu’s reputation is an interactive platform of Internet users and website, through the mining site external word-of-mouth content assist users of information decision, similar to the 360 "Red Tomato", a website users can comment on a user’s vote will directly affect the search rankings.

Baidu word of mouth platform koubei.baidu.com not only provide support for users, opposition, reporting, evaluation, impression and other information, you can also comment on the site. It is understood that Baidu word of mouth and security alliance cooperation is better, where the security alliance plus V site in the Baidu word of mouth opened directly.

2013 search engine market is still highly competitive, Baidu still occupy the market leader, although the loss of the opportunity to acquire Sogou, but the latest data show that 360 search has occupied a market share of 25%. In the field of search engine is the frequent moves, Baidu recently announced a strategic investment in Shenzhen City, one hundred percent Digital Technology Co. Ltd., becoming its largest strategic investor, but the cooperation between the two sides may be far more than that simple investment. It is reported that Baidu and the one hundred percent companies will also cooperate to set up a company called hundred easy company.

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