2014, millions of users to participate in WeChat grab red war, siege of Alipay in the postwar crowd four lines also get Ali and taxi subsidies billions of Tencent. The third party payment as the key link in the chain, the financial importance is self-evident, aimed at all kinds of chaos payment market, the central bank is repeatedly rectification.

2014, the third party payment market has been smoke constantly, giants are busy staking, upstart continuously into the Bureau, WeChat red raid, drops fast in the mobile payment, Alipay storm in the sun circle of friends ten years running bills and state-owned banks on the Alipay surround is a "colorful", and the invisible hand "harassment" make war more and more many uncertain factors. In the future, the payment market will be staged a vigorous war, there will be a new pattern in five years.

first, WeChat payment: let the red envelopes fly

Spring Festival in 2013, WeChat red envelopes quickly spread, many users do not usually use WeChat also added to the red camp. WeChat is a product of’s WeChat launched in an application in January 27, 2014, the play is simple, the function can be achieved red envelopes, check and send and receive records.

According to the

in the application of network monitoring data show that in 2013 the Spring Festival, Alipay red number more than 1 million 640 thousand pen, caifutong red number 200 thousand. The launch of WeChat red also greatly stimulated the market value of the shares of the Tencent, the Tencent in a day up to approximately HK $64 billion.


WeChat red is not only a social success, is the rise of WeChat payment, WeChat red for Tencent in just a few days to connect millions of bank accounts, let the user to dispel the concerns of WeChat payment. In the case of financial links behind Alipay, Tencent may achieve "bend overtaking in mobile payment".

two, mobile payment:

entrance for the burn Wars

fast taxi and taxi drops from the price war this year to continue this year. The competition between the two is essentially Ali and Tencent in the mobile payment competition.

from the beginning of January this year, fast and drops from 10 yuan subsidy per unit decreased to 3-5, and then gradually cancel the passenger side and the driver side subsidies to launch the car platform.

according to Analysys International data show that as of June this year, a quick taxi to the proportion accounted for 53.57% of domestic market share taxi APP first one, followed by.

fast and drops in order to compete for the mobile payment has burned three billion yuan. With drops of a taxi to get $700 million financing, mobile payment market will be sufficient ammunition to start a price war, which will continue to seize the user wars.

three, two-dimensional code payment: invisible mobile phone stop

March 13, 2014, the central bank issued an emergency >

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