Beijing on April 14th news, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. technology blog TechCrunch · founder Michael (Michael Arrington); Arlington wrote Tuesday, multiple sources confirmed, group purchase website Groupon new round of financing is nearing completion, the current round of financing for Groupon valuation reached $1 billion 200 million.

Groupon at the end of last year from Accel capital, NEA and other VCs received $30 million in financing, the market valuation of $250 million. Groupon first proposed the idea of a day to buy once, only to buy a certain number of members must be able to officially began to buy, which encourages users to spread between friends buy news. Groupon currently registered users reached 3 million people, managing about 40 markets. Since November 2008 on-line, the total amount of goods sold through the site has reached 3 million.

The success of

Groupon led to the advent of a large number of similar sites, the world has been the emergence of many cloned Groupon buy once a day concept site. The site has been cloned in Russia, China and Brazil. Groupon CEO Andrew · Mason (Andrew Mason) recently said in an interview, will not care about the site was cloned problem. Mason said he is now committed to the company’s business development. He plans to cover 100 cities by the end of this year. Mason did not explain how Groupon continues to use social media tools to expand the business, but he said, "Facebook will be released later this month, something very interested".

up to now, Groupon official has not yet conducted a new round of financing rumors.

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