March 10 news, last year began in December nine ministries against pornographic websites action appeared "a website of jurisprudence, the whole room off the net", bring some innocent website, the relevant responsible person said yesterday China Internet association, this kind of situation will be in the near future to solve quickly ".

yesterday afternoon, including 9 members of the CPPCC National Committee, director of statistics, Communication University of China graduate, Professor Ke Huixin, gathered in Beijing on the Comsenz company headquarters, to conduct research on the development of small and medium-sized websites. Eight site long Fu Changbao, Lu Deqing and other young IIYI webmaster webmaster report some problems they recently encountered at the forum, including the record filing process complex, long time, transparent management, remote pictures for the record, high cost, difficult issues for a special forum.


China Internet association assistant chief stone rose attended the forum, and answered some questions of the webmaster in his speech. Shi Xiansheng said, "all appeared against pornographic site of action" (i.e. a jurisprudence site, the whole room off the net) there are two reasons: first, some websites shut down jurisprudence of information access, but not on the server completely cleared, which caused IDC to identify specific jurisprudence site, so take across the board, all the way off net one by one investigation; the two is that many web servers hosted in different places, the local administration is not in the server where the query to record the information on the website was shut down.

Stone said, the relevant departments have been in the study of precision strike porn site approach, one size fits all problem soon resolved". The Ministry of industry and information technology minister Li Yizhong recently in an interview also admitted that some action against pornographic websites overkill, but he said that will continue to shut down some websites.

webmaster for the recent hot "for the record to the server hosting service provider licensing" message, stone rose said, this policy aimed at no record and record information website is not true, the record and the record of the website has true and effective information is not affected by this provision. The Ministry recently issued a notice to all the requirements to web server hosting provider is taking pictures for the record, the webmaster felt that the provision of a substantial increase in the cost of the website for the record, is mainly to travel expenses and time and record the cost.

Website of the Ministry of the record management system

for webmasters general response often slow access even access problems, stone rose revealed that the more than and 300 domestic website for the record, query are on the same site, web access to a lot of pressure, so there will be the problem, the relevant departments are formulating three ministerial responsible for filing system. Check and supervise the business management system for the construction of the Provincial Communications Authority, the website for the record and apply only to IDC.

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