the emergence of a new website, the first thing is to do publicity for it. In order to let more users know their site, as the webmaster pressure is very big, for them propaganda is imperative, must vigorously promote their website. Especially as a new, more to increase efforts to promote, or even more rich content will become a pool of stagnant water, no one knows. So today we are talking about the site to promote this aspect, I hope to bring some help to everyone, as soon as possible out of confusion.

current users are most like the soft and video promotion, so this is undoubtedly the best way to publicize. These two methods have their advantages, the advantages of the first soft is to use some words can express important words, but also can be inserted, sometimes the use of some of the induced words will attracted a lot of friends, a lot of reprint this article, in communication, to establish awareness of the effects. The advantage is that it can cause the video on the Internet sensation, for example a netizen to Alibaba do the president was thrown a whore trigger a bloody battle video is successful, users are constantly spreading, the effect is as can be imagined.

now on the Internet is a lot of copy and paste, which is to provide the best chance to blog propaganda propaganda, once did blog Union several such soft Wen promotion, what is it? When customers in them within the same industry forum reprint, blog text will refer to the customer class the website, this benefit is not only improve the website ranking, but also improve the website of the well-known brand, I think this is what they expect for the website. In fact, soft Wen is not to promote, to be valuable for users interested, can attract them, touched them, they borrowed the soft paper to help you worthy of promotion, such as excellent soft soft wen.

If you want to use

method to promote the soft, so we should do is to have a high quality of soft, soft, you need to understand is, not just from the Internet to find out, directly on the success of you is hard to do, and according to the characteristics of their website style to highlight their description the unique charm of the website. If you are not good at writing, do not force, you can find a good person to help, it is best to find a gunman. The advantage is that they have a high degree of familiarity with the industry, the soft is very easy to be recognized by the user, most will be reproduced in the past.

write text should pay attention to several aspects, Jinghang technology to remind you of the one hand is to choose can cause the interest and valuable content for the theme, if almost all of the others, or only a small part of his own writing, this is not very good. If most of the content is to boast of their own, inconsistent with the actual, easily lead to resentment of others, is not a good choice.

doesn’t make much sense. On the other hand, it is necessary to publicize out to get the participation of netizens, causing heated debate and discussion, which should not only have excellent >

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