life without marketing, for marketers, any flash point may have a sentiment, may let out a trick. The rest of the time should be the guardian weekend, Yuan Kun is no exception to the Hankou sun, did not expect the sun out of dry cargo. Useful to you, look at yourself.

this method is particularly suitable for physical store friends, especially suitable for offline transactions, particularly suitable for local service friends. So what is it? Let’s take a look at the picture below.


love to go to Hankou, Wuchang in East Lake and other places to play in Wuhan this weekend for a lot of friends, and now friends if you leave the network will cause panic. Use their own mobile traffic bar, can not afford to consume. So I hope you can use the free WiFi, of course, the official will launch free, such as Wuhan’s public places free WiFi is iWuhan-Free. So for marketers, the opportunity is not coming.

is a smart mobile phone now has a mobile network sharing function, Kungang only set up a mobile phone, protect your mobile network: Q1029079293 (Kunming, guardian of pregnant after testing found the longest is 10 Chinese characters). After setting up my own mobile network to share, just next to a friend want to connect WiFi, is it possible to search for me? Plus a surprise, what surprises?.

well, this is not appeal to you, if it is a local mall to engage in such activities, get some notebook computer with mobile card to the public in the new year’s Day gift set free: WiFi Q1029079293, WAL-MART (027) gifts 86643496 local stores have special activities, see this content don’t tell you tempted? I will not. Twelve, half off shopping malls, how many aunt learned alipay. In the new year’s Day: then set with Alipay *%, what will be the effect you want to.


mobile phone network can only set 10 Chinese characters to do publicity, you can also use the notebook computer with a wireless network card to set up, want a short direct advertising language, like a sentence had to contact your reasons. What are you waiting for in the local public places of leisure?.

sun drying out of the dry cargo you feel useful to me, try to understand?. Of course, the guardian Kun Kun to remind is: must provide value. Otherwise, this can only be a drainage method, there is no conversion of the flow is useless.

guardian Yuan Kun, WeChat: yuankun0105. Hubei network marketing consultant, real name network marketing from the media. Baidu you will understand me.

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