title is the key to attract users to browse the contents of the information is very important to the web site, e-commerce website is more important. Good title to improve the content of the click is significant, but also to improve the site PV one of the key factors. If the content of the article is a vault, then the title of the article is the key to open the vault.

how to write the title? All that depends on the content and release of the place. The title of the article and the electronic commerce class title writing is different, the article published in his stand and do in the outside of the title of the soft Wen write is different. According to the victory of the usual experience, the writing of the title to share with you, and to explore more writing:

1, the conventional type (basic information, transfer the content of the article is the most commonly used method.


wins the personal blog

Chinese Navy escort to Somali waters

sell PHILPS brand MP3, MP4

2, specific type (specify the content of the audience, to attract the target population and the crowd outside the target.


born in 1985 to talk about

A blood Scorpio boy character

after 90 girls love concept

3, digital type (with specific or specific figures to highlight the content, to achieve unexpected results.


China 20 industry classic shopping website!

man can’t stand 10 things!

141 inmates killed the guards memorial service for

4, question type (ask for help or ask questions to resonate).


if there is no money, will there be love?

Internet addiction, mental illness?

license plate was stolen, how was the thief extortion do?

5, bragging type (bragging does not pay taxes, as long as the reason, the big blow special blow, but do not blow the cowhide.


in the history of the most crazy, N sold out of stock of the women’s

investment 1800, earn 1 million!

bus through the ages not called

6, with climbing type (can account for light, how can let go, the star effect of the earth people know.


Liu Yifei into a cottage dress Wang

Angie Chiu young 20 year old secret

Li Bingbing’s favorite LV bag

7, time limit type (specified in a certain period of time, the server crash.


winter warm jacket daily 6:00-7:00 limit snapped

Christmas landing site thousand dollars prize, you get

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