now the network society, the rapid development of Internet, has become inevitable, the development of the site, like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like, let the network life, add information of color gorgeous, we can find what they need, need information. In the construction of an Internet site has not so deep a distant era, thought, now through the fool tool, can quickly build a website of your own, truly their own website. Website promotion has become the site of every webmaster racking their brains. In order to improve website ranking, website optimization keywords are selected, a billboard in large web sites, and even through the search engine bidding, to want to increase your website rankings. The webmaster, in order to site traffic, no matter what the method only needs to have the effect, can be implemented, is really like The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea recount, himself, the trick is to use it, 2 words "flow". In the website promotion method so much, my personal preference or soft Wen promotion, website promotion of soft hand, your site can be well displayed on the Internet, so that we can get useful information, on the other hand, the text can exercise our basic knowledge, can slowly increase the soft writing level. It can be said is a good thing to kill two birds with one stone, Why not?? Here are some of the benefits of soft.

first benefits: users can increase the trust and recognition of the user

soft, also named soft, the biggest is not the same, is a "soft" word to hide, how to use the word "soft" effect, each culture level is not the same, writing ability is not the same, the soft scale is not the same, but the purpose is like most of their own, the station, brand publicity out, let the reader recognize our website. Therefore, the soft degree of soft, need to be just right, the site advertising taste can not be too strong, otherwise, it will cause the reader’s exclusion, resentment,. The benefit is that, when readers read, take the initiative to guide the reader’s thinking, nature can accept the whole process, wonderful soft advertising articles appeared in advertising. The reader to see your soft article, the article there is what he needs, let him believe that this is not advertising, the maximum acceptance of the article contains some of the content and advertising. This is the product with the user of your contact interval, advantage is to help us promote the product than other means of publicity, more user recognition, to the reader, imperceptibly, according to our design ideas, step by step to our design of the "soft" word to go inside, into loyal customers we need to believe, or, at the site of the "soft" soft words above a lot of hard work. Soft as long as your article is useful to readers, need, will get their recognition, support.

second big role: let the soft article repeatedly pass >

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