each of us to do is not the same, so for development of each site’s views are not the same. Like one of my blog, the main target is to want to make money online people, I hope others can see in their blog to help them something. Although he was a blog to do such a word just built, but later I changed this view, no longer do SEO write, we do not follow Baidu, but Baidu will stick with us, as long as others on your site gets something of value. He would later, to support your site, because you gave him a learning platform. How to choose the direction of the development of their own web site?

first: to understand the development of other sites and some promotion methods. We all know that there are a lot of large web sites are basically in a very short period of time is quickly understood by the people, they are used to promote means are their own characteristics. NetEase through its free mailbox quickly do not know at that time the Internet users. Watercress network with its share of books and comments as a breakthrough, quickly opened the network market. Qihoo free antivirus software before 360 and went quickly. In the eyes of everyone, the rapid development of every thing is accompanied by a unique product and name. When people mention the Qihoo when they think of the 360, many people even know only 360 and didn’t know Qihoo before the s.s.c scam is also don’t know Qihoo and only know 360, this is the promotion of the effect. Others say the anti dandruff shampoo, do you think is the first time Head and Shoulders, this is to promote effects.

secondly: is to understand their own unique site. Each site has its own unique place, because each site to do something and do not pay attention to the same, I always pay more attention to directional flow, so in the choice of words will keywords identify their target customer choice of.

finally: find their own promotion methods. A lot of people on the Baidu search will find a lot of ways and means to promote the site, so many people see dazzling. In fact, the promotion of the Internet is nothing more than a few ways, not every one is required to do, as long as you choose a good fit for their own way to the extreme.

first: if you like SEO, choose to use the SEO approach to promote. Often color scam is like to use SEO means to promote.

second: if you like to chat. So you can chat with people in the group every day to promote your website is also OK, I do not like to chat, so this method is not suitable for me.

third: if you love to write the article and post it, you can go to the major forum or website to publish your articles or with friends make interactive, it can achieve the purpose of their own website promotion. I also like to use the forum to promote this trick.

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