to do a lot of friends from the media, since the media platform is also a lot of, in order to promote their own, we have to be settled from the media from the media platform to promote their own. Today, I would like to speak to the media, how to apply for today’s headlines from the media platform.


I use the phone every day to see today’s headlines APP, I found today’s headlines are very good, people are also very large flow, and want to see what kind of content. Some time ago, I found that some of the media has been published in today’s headlines, I would also like to try.

after all, today’s headlines traffic is very large, if you can publish the article in today’s headlines, it will bring a lot of traffic. So, I will try to apply to the media platform. However, I applied for a total of five or six did not apply for.

network, I have many friends, they are for the success of today’s headlines, I don’t understand why I always apply for failure, yesterday, I am not willing to try for one, did not think that application is successful, I am very will publish a few articles.

An article published in

today’s headlines yesterday is the user submission, did not think of the hair after a few hours of reading volume reached more than 6 thousand, the amount of reading time of day reached more than 9 thousand. God, today’s headlines so good? I’ll give you a look at the screenshot:


I used to apply for many times today’s headlines did not apply for success, but also thought that no longer apply, I do not have today’s headlines from the media. However, after all, others can not be reconciled to their own success. I know that many friends want to apply for today’s headlines, there are a lot of failed applications.

regardless of whether we have applied for today’s headlines media platform, or how many times failed, I suggest that we do not give up, apply for a few times, look for the experience of failure. Today, I also teach you how to apply for today’s headlines media platform, and, I will pay attention to some of the places to tell you.

first step, Baidu search headlines today, log on to their official website, as follows:


second step, click on the top left corner of the site login, you can use QQ, micro-blog to login, as follows:


third step, select the type of media, since it is from the media on the election of individuals, as follows:


the fourth step, fill in the appropriate information, according to the following fill in, as follows:



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