a WEB2.0 website, less popular, in order to increase the information content of mind. WEB2.0 is mostly information, albums, logs, bookmarks. I guess we use WEB2.0 CMS site, the majority of users rarely use Web2.0 site bookmarks. An accidental opportunity, I found that the use of SupeSite/X-Space bookmarks grab traffic is also good! The specific process is as follows:

                I usually found on the Internet, good stuff, good site, good articles, good stories, good reviews, not carefully when the total love collection to IE favorites. A few months or even a year later, the number of favorites has accumulated hundreds of bookmarks. Most of these bookmarks with some key words, such as "Chinese star" web site, began to have a period of time a lot of traffic from a few words, I found that because of the sudden closure of Chinese star website, search all the words for the new site, and I have the software ":::: K-Lite Mega Codec finished the stars Pack 1.61" is added to the IE collection. For a long time in Baidu’s "Chinese star" in the search rankings I was in second place, and now the new Chinese website has been out of the sky. In Baidu’s "Chinese star" in the search I also ranked in the top 10 (http://s.baidu.com/s? Ie=gb2312& bs=2008%C4%EA%B9%E3%CE%F7%B9%AB%CE%F1%D4%B1%BF%BC%CA%D4& sr=& z=& cl=3& f=8& wd=%BA%BA%BB%AF%D0%C7%BF%D5& ct=0). And Zhang Jie studio, who is Zhang Jie? Get even for people who know their jet reputation. I am looking for half a year ago, inkjet technology information, his website also joined the IE collection, import SS bookmarks, Baidu search in "Zhang Jie studio" I came in fourth (http://s.baidu.com/s? Ie=gb2312& bs=%BA%BA%BB%AF%D0%C7%BF%D5& sr=& z=& cl=3& f=8& wd=%D5%C5%BD%DC%B9%A4%D7%F7%CA%D2& ct=0). There are several web sites, articles, software are ranked in the first page of Baidu in the top 10, every day to bring me 532700.com (Longan) flow is not much.


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