how did Taobao customers to get better promotion, website keywords is how to make money, do Wangzhuan tutorial, Amoy nearly a year’s time, there is also sad joy in this year, there is pain and happiness, can be said to do a year in continuous groping for how to make a profit the greater the website.

just started to contact the guest every day, the mechanical uploading a commodity, repeating paste copy of the work, because of the Tao way of making money or more interested in, feel that Ali mother is by the Alibaba to build the platform, should be long for the higher efficiency. All advertising alliance before the day, the very hard Wangzhuan process, although there is little achievement, but every day, tired to go to sleep until early morning, when you come to think of it really wasn’t worth it, because of Ali mother cat is interested in the website, desperately their net increase goods promotion, because of their own do women feel just station, very suitable for this kind of advertising Tao guest.

After adding

for about a week, too tired, the thought of paying a few MM to add, then suddenly found the 3 to MM per person, a monthly salary of 300 yuan, every day 30 goods, started as a guest is from the duck’s egg began, about a month later about time, still not a penny of income, they have spent 900 yuan to pay the three MM. So I have no confidence, so began to give up the idea.

finally in second months do not know the first few days, the mother found that the background of the landing finally got a commission of $3.5. Although only 3.5 yuan, but I was still happy with his wife ran immediately that my guest finally have the income, the excitement, still remember. And this time often can see some people exposed into thousands or even more than and 10 days through the guest to earn tens of thousands of the mom in a forum of income. Although don’t believe, but you still believe that the guest is certainly can earn some money. Then again, picked up his guest confidence.

but this time no longer ask people to add goods, because through the addition of a month, there have been thousands of commodity information. So in the continuous pondering is the number of goods that income it, or the quality of goods to determine income. So he began to try to do some special, because it is precisely the time of winter, winter sweater, scarf and so on more popular products, so he specially selects those selling well, the price is not high commodity, special production of several. It’s time to make a weekly topic. So insist on a month’s time, do three or four topics. And these topics recommended to the home page and content pages for promotion, publicity. The result is really effective, almost every day there are a few dollars, even one day in more than and 80 dollars, by Ali’s mother found that this person is actually the background wholesale, including a sweater, a wholesale more than and 200, there are several different wholesale sweater dozens of pieces, then this sweater is 1 dollars on commission

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