notes: sometimes, what things are going to insist, perhaps you will persist into the cattle industry.

three years ago when he was still in college to think about how to use the Internet to make money, after all, he is also a person under the age of 20, and is not the same thing all day at home. Started from the soft start, others to do the planning program, written in the station, but do it for a long time the feeling is purely working for others, less money is not that also very delay time, and then to the development of Taobao customers.

when do Taobao off the profit space is fairly good, novice recruits more or less can make money, remember my classmates and I used a fairly simple tool Dreamweaver to make a page to start a webmaster. At first thought that he would write the article will hype, thought the flow is not a problem, but a long time, in the face of the background every day 0, the heart is still very big blow. So the site did not insist on how long the rest of the food, and then began the old line.

is actually a lot of time doing things all need a vision, in 2011 when Sina micro-blog is the most prosperous, many people are selling products at that time circle of people, but when I really react, the best time seems to have passed. But I’m still at the end of 2012 to catch a ride, do micro-blog marketing sale. In front of people in addition to mutual powder, I often go to the red net message, to attract people with some of the more prominent words, but to do a month later time is basically not what big change, I began to doubt my ability, plus the time not to send links with micro-blog Bowen, so micro-blog marketing this things will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

you see this is not what I do not think things have tenacity, yes, yes, but we care to think when you are full of passion to do something, one week, two weeks, or even a month without improvement, the kind of depressed mood it is very difficult to express. In particular, he was really quite confident, that writing is really great, but later found out that my God is far distance. Do not always want to continue to grow in frustration, through the above two simple cases, I analyzed the summary, why can not Taobao customers with the first two effective combination.

first, get the user’s cost is too high, at least for me this are not proficient in marketing and technical people, plus friends put the Buddha without means, in addition to the local message flow of drainage outside if there is no other strokes.

second, the choice of the competitiveness are large enough, some people do Baidu industry Taobao guest already saturated, ordinary webmaster without the resources. It is difficult to overtake micro-blog, not to mention the decline in activity, let us focus more on several early big, slowly formed in the late the advantages of their own cycle is a little long, even now I find it difficult to use micro-blog to attract large.

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