now many industries need to do SEO, need to do the promotion, which involves things that are also very much, I also have contact with SEO for a period of time, I think some basic introductory knowledge spread out to share today, is mainly involved in the station optimization, because the conversion of these website optimization very useful.

is similar to a watch type site, due to the relatively high price, free washing table, free warranty period maintenance and many other factors also exist, so his characteristics of some different from other website details below simple sharing, I hope you give advice.

is the first credibility problem: there are a lot of products are single page sales, but our website is the whole point of sale, but do not belong to a large B2C platform, so we let others trust is the most important problem. Let customers trust you from your web site design, copywriting, navigation systems, and many other factors, but personally feel good art is the first step.

real-time customer service to be classified: real-time online customer service is generally not a big problem, but the reason mentioned here is very simple. That is to do as far as possible the professional image, such as the most common classification, pre-sale QQ, after sale QQ, technical maintenance QQ, let the customer know at what stage, should look for those QQ processing problems. Some want or TQ, but no matter what kind of tools, to find the best real-time customer service.

beautiful but not heterogeneous layout: site layout to be beautiful, but not too dissimilar, the general price of watches products are expensive, ranging from a few hundred to more than a few thousand or even million, therefore, this kind of consumer groups is the high-end crowd, in the site layout to make the user feel comfortable, trustworthy, not use seems to be very beautiful, but the layout style, the user does not love the overall layout, should not be too personal.

message system: Web site may not be 7× 24 hours of service, even if we commit time, but there are always some reasons will inevitably lead to the user cannot find customer service, so we need to pay attention to the system, which is one; second, there are a lot of customer message, we can compare and judge, because see the third party customers say, for some purchases, naturally worry more.


entity upload pictures: if possible, for medium-sized B2C platform, is best able to some of the company’s real and colleagues a few simple upload pictures, these pictures are very beneficial to increase the sense of user credit. When the user sees you real, wouldn’t imagine what kind of company, will not be cheated.

processing platform: problem processing platform is to ensure customer service, customer service is either QQ or complaint, or unconditional refund, all of these issues are a guarantee of treatment, because the Internet is different from the store, in the store, the problems encountered to find people, and if it is Internet. So, we must focus on the problem of "processing method

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