is on Friday, and this Friday is a little different. In the west, the fourth Friday of November, known as "black Friday", this is not a horror story, it is said that the so-called "black Friday", in fact, the United States is a major holiday shopping. A large number of Chinese consumers through the Internet to join the overseas double 11". Alipay sea Amoy platform influx of more than 1 million 700 thousand consumers, concentrated to major overseas shopping platform orders, total orders 12 hours have gone beyond the overall sum of last year five in the whole week the number of black, a black sea Amoy transaction records five.

visible Chinese consumption is mostly strong ~ recommend the following two interesting technology products, is a special fruit powder, so you can easily play mobile phone in the north winter outdoor gloves — "Glove Touch Detection".

in fact, Samsung has launched this technology, as shown in the following figure, in 2013, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 3 to support the glove touch operation.

it would be better if you have kids, and here’s a mini computer that lets kids learn programming.

British developer (Raspberry Pi) raspberry pie on Thursday launched a new super cheap computer Pi Zero, priced at only $5 (about 32 yuan). Raspberry pie said that the company’s mission is to let all the children want to learn programming can have their own computers. Pi Zero for children to learn programming. This computer is only about the size of the bank card. Configuration: 1GHz ARM processor, 512MB RAM, a microSD card slot, a Mini-HDMI slot and a number of Micro-USB slots.

of course, your child is not a technical home, but a two dimensional culture deeply fascinated by the COS control. Don’t deny his hobby, and you know this is the gaming industry, the birth of the new era of industry phenomenon, to know the top Coser income. According to the reporter, the domestic top Coser annual income of up to one million yuan, even just entering the Coser annual income can reach 100 thousand yuan.


it is understood that the guests do diffuse exhibition, the jury is only part of the source of income, and booth, website, online games, hand travel cooperation is also an important suction gold channel. According to insiders, most of the "go it alone" in the annual income of only Coser million yuan, is likely to double good operation. For most people, COSPLAY is just a short-term hobby, and the real people who take it as a professional or very few.

top Coser million who actually pay for it?

in the animation industry developed in Japan, COSPLAY since the late 70s of last century, the beginning of the beginning of the 80s

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