e-commerce sites do SEO should pay attention to several aspects:

Ma Yun said a word: either electronic commerce, or no business can be. Today, e-commerce has become the first choice for many college students. The era of e-commerce achievements of Baidu, GOOGLE, the achievements of Taobao eBay, the achievements of the B2C shopping sites everywhere. Behind each website owners will be faced with the promotion of the problem, it can be said that the site has no threshold, the biggest threshold is to promote marketing. There are many ways to do network marketing, such as advertising in the portal station, do area, do blog marketing, do Baidu Google PPC, do promotion alliance. These methods have to spend money, small companies can not afford to burn money. So SEO has become the first choice, SEO’s fire makes a lot of SEO training institutions business hot, such as Wang Tong’s SEO training institutions, to understand (Dong Junfeng) online training, as well as under the banner of various types of SEO training institutions. Black and white SEO difficile true.

if it is a novice e-commerce, we must first understand the following aspects:


to do the job in jeopardy

can participate in hands-on training classes or forum to consult self-study, of course you can also learn a technology, if you want to participate in the training should be carefully identified, first on the forum to understand clearly before choosing a training class. If you want to make more requests to recognize, don’t let the black hat SEO suddenly, spend money not will be sealed, then lose the wife of another soldier.

two, do not think that SEO will soon be able to do up

a lot of SEOer optimized your site, 2 days to the first page, but after a few days and fell down, then always go up and down, very unstable, every day to worry about. SEO is a long process, not a day for two days, really do the optimization of the teacher won’t give you a guarantee, because you are not the only one doing optimization, many competitors are doing SEO in mind. Especially for very popular words is more difficult, such as online games, Apple phone, Shenzhen SEO, etc..

three, do not be too obsessed with SEO, money and more advertising

SEO is just a place to let more people know what you are doing this business, SEO bring the target customers. But don’t count on SEO, the money is on your way home. SEO is just a tool and means, but the exposure rate is limited, if you want to do the brand, in the portal station advertising area is essential. My point is that if you want to become bigger, do the brand, the money on more advertising.

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