recently cosmetics store we continued to increase the drilling exhibition investment, from 6000 yuan, 8000 yuan, 10 thousand yuan, 16 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan in a stable increase, and click on the unit price from 3.35 yuan to 2 yuan to reduce the peak value of the lowest in August 27th, originally planned to invest 16 thousand yuan, the actual cost of 14 thousand and 500 yuan, click on the unit price is 2.31 yuan, the average rate is 0.27%, although click price is not the lowest, but the click rate is the recent high. By quantum Hengdao see the day into 129 pen, count the intelligent put the turnover of 1 pens, a total turnover of 130 pen, according to the calculation of single product 99 yuan, 198 yuan package, a conservative estimate of the input-output ratio has reached about 1:1.5.

increase the amount of money, click on the unit price continues to decline, which seems to be a relatively contradictory issue, but in fact, I have done, this is how the operation of the idea behind it?

in accordance with the previous way of delivery, I was to take a combination of visitors + interest points set. The more than and 30 shops mainly sell cream, the price after the screening retained 22, each launch plans only set their main I number as a seed shop, the other 22 stores as visitors to shop, and then increase the interest points on the premium. The reason we do this on the collocation plan, the main consideration is the corresponding one of the advertising on the amount of the delivery flow is not enough, not all consumed, so will add interest points as auxiliary plan. But from a practical point of view, the 4 home focus map advertising when start running, click on the unit price in more than 4.5 yuan, the other 1 as the home screen, click favorites advertising price in 3.5 yuan, the average price of 1.5 yuan from the industry hit too far. At that time, we think that the picture is caused by the click rate, the only solution is to do more creative pictures, do more tests to find the highest click on the picture. But after several rounds of testing, there is still no breakthrough.

because each advertising traffic is limited, such as the favorites in this position, a day maximum consumption amount does not exceed 1000 yuan, if one day plans to put 16 thousand yuan, in addition to advertising, I can think of is to visitors and points of interest to do investment plan.

in the course of the operation, I found the August 24th home page focus 4 actually increased to 1.67%, while the average click price is $2.04,

this data I have not dreamed of before. This is a major breakthrough adds to my confidence, in the next few days put the plan, I will be home 1 screen, 3 screen banner the larger flow, separate plan and pictures of the click rate and relatively stable, through several days of testing, the results show that do interest delivery plan click price can be controlled at 2 yuan, while the visitors put click price basically to exceed 1 yuan or more, some even position is 2 times the points of interest.


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